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Woba – let’s create a better world to work in


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Woba was founded in June 2016 with a mission to create a better world to work in. The story behind our vision is that our founders, Malene Madsen and Mikkel Bindesbøl, met during their masters in Work Psychology where they both specialized in the rapid increase of stress at work. They shared a similar dream of enabling companies around the world to prevent this problem - why they decided to join forces.

First of all they concluded that the problem was much bigger than at first sight:
- More than 40% of employees are experiencing stress at work right now
- More than 25% consider leaving their job without having another
- And lost ability to work due to stress costs society up to 5% of GDP every year

Therefore they decided to dedicate months of fieldwork with some of the biggest companies in Denmark to take a closer look on how they worked with employee well-being and retention. And they saw a consistent picture: the companies invested large amounts of money in various different employee surveys - engagement, well-being index, performance measurement, stress measurements, health score etc. - with the hope of getting a clear picture of how their employees were doing. But the reality was it took them 6-12 months to translate their results into action. And when they finally knew what should be done, they stood with an outdated picture - which significantly increased the risk of stress and staff turnover.

But then they thought: Imagine a world without endless, time-consuming and reactive employee surveys where companies actually could use all of this employee feedback to predict and prevent stress and staff-turnover before it happens? That world is today called Woba.


Woba is the world’s first all-in-one solution that enables HR & managers to use all anonymous feedback from their employees to:
- Put spotlight on hidden workplace risk (e.g. bullying, lack of management support, unrealistic deadlines) of why employees are feeling stress or want to leave
- Prevent the identified risk with Woba’s intelligent recommendations
- See financials returns and impact of their people actions

Woba has made one single 360% Employee Experience Pulse which measures on the most important drivers for a healthy work environment that fosters high well-being, engagement and retention. We have made it easy and fun to give feedback with a native Woba app for iOS and Android. The app is built around gamification and personal tools and suggestions to improve the mental health of the employees based on their feedback in Woba.

For HR and the managers we have built an easy-to-use management dashboard where they can see their results and take proactive actions. Our game-changing AI algorithm transforms automatically the identified work environment risks into recommended action plans – so actions can be taken immediately and improved at an early stage.

In that simple way Woba actually unlocks the collective brainpower of the employees to enable HR and managers to predict what is likely to happen in the future and empower them to prevent the identified risk.

Our latest cherry on top of the sunday ice cream: is our new so-called Financial People Impact module. The story behind it is that HR for many years has tried to prove to the CFO that employee wellbeing initiatives are an investment - not a cost. And all companies (including the CFO) know that higher well-being = higher performance = more revenue. But no one in our industry has proved it. Until now. With Woba’s Financial Impact module, HR and managers are now able to predict the financial costs of their workforce risk and see a crystal-clear ROI of their employees' initiatives directly in their Woba dashboard.

But we don’t stop here! We have created a method called “The Woba Employee Retention Model” to make sure that all of our customers get an employee retention impact and learn how to work more proactively. Our certified work environment customer success team trains HR & managers to follow the steps to create the work environment that their employees are dreaming of.

And we can reveal that Woba already has shown some amazing results.


“Woba is the single most effective employee retention solution that I have ever seen” Lars Christensen, CEO, Willis Towers Watson

Let’s take a deep dive into our current results and growth. From 2021-2022 we grew our annual recurring revenue (ARR) by 100% and our customer base from 80-450 customers around the world. Furthermore we managed to scale our platform to 21 new countries which resulted in the fact that 40% of our usage is outside Denmark. Despite this rapid growth we only had 2% yearly customer churn which underlines Woba's stickiness, strong product & customer love.

Today, Woba helps more than 500 customers and 55.000 live users around the world with predicting and preventing risk of stress and staff turn-over. And we are on budget to reach 200% in ARR growth again this year.

More results? Yes, please :) Furthermore we succeeded in 2022 with our PR-strategy as thought leader within HR, mental health and well-being at work. In that regard our CEO, Malene Madsen, won 3 awards last year: 'Talent100', 'Top 25 female Entrepreneurs' and 'The CEO of The Year' by Dansk Industri for her incredible job as a CEO role model - but also for her fight for diversity & mental health. Malene has managed to build a tech company with 50% women and 50% men despite the horrible statistics about gender diversity in the tech industry. She has also managed to attract millions of venture capital even though only 1% of venture funding goes to female founders. This means we have not only proved our product and business model - but also our go-to-market strategy.

But the MOST important result is the fact that we have proved that Woba works - and makes a positive difference both for society and our customers by:
- 22% improved well-being
- 33% reduced sick leaves
- 500% ROI based on the reduction of sick leaves, improved employee well-being & retention

As our CEO, Malene Madsen, often says to us here at Woba: “The future is only built by those who believe they can change it! And I can see in our results and in your eyes that we have the timing, technology and team to create a better world to work in - so let’s go make that dream happen”.

Woba has made a plan with dedicated need-to-win milestones on revenue, team, product, go-to-market and funding to be the world’s leading employee retention solution in 5 years! So watch out for the new upcoming danish Unicorn 🚀

Malene Madsen

CEO & Co-founder

Mikkel Bindesbøl

Co-founder & Product specialist

Kenneth Lange


Rikke Sørensen

Digital Marketing manager


Anders Waltz
Maria Ladegaard Stuhr Madsen
Design & storyboard


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