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The Second Hand Campaign



IKEA Danmark

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As IKEA launched their new second hand service, they needed a digital campaign that could spread the news about this new initiative in a fun, yet rational and refined way to make sure everyone got the message: That now, you can sell your old IKEA back to IKEA.


We gave old print IKEA ads new life digitally, by reversing them from selling IKEA to buying it back. We basically made a second hand campaign for a second hand service.

Seeing these retro ads in a new, digital context, emphasized the fact that almost anything from IKEA can be re-used and stand the test of time – even their old ads.


The objective was clear: the campaign needed to make people aware about the new service. And it did: The second hand service went from 0 to 20% awareness among all Danes aged 18 to 49, in only four weeks.

And not to be forgotten: we saved heaps of CO₂, by re-using, instead of producing a new campaign.

IKEA Danmark

Jakob Lykke

Country Marketing Communication Manager

Martin Meik

Integrated Media Leader


Ulik Kepinski Rode


Line Lillefod


David Asmussen

Creative Director

Jeppe Bo Ebstrup

Client Service Director

Peter Rainer

Graphic Finalizer

Marie Jeppson

Graphic Finalizer

Simone Bendtsen

Art Director

Lene Olsen

Account Director


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