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New ’Car-as-a-Service’ concept opens up a brand new car market – already Europe’s largest!

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Interdan is Denmark’s second largest car importer and the engine behind the popular car brands Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles and Mitsubishi. Interdan is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting directions.

As market leader, Interdan wanted to challenge three well-known car industry barriers for growth:

1. Buying a new car is a large decision for too many potential customers. How can we create a solution, which will make the decision easier?

2. How can we move cars from a classic purchase or leasing market to a ‘Car-as-a-Service’, where the owners can change on the go?

3. The car industry has for decades been very traditional, but how can we challenge and be an active part of transforming the industry anchored in strong customer value?

A new car means freedom to go, but it also involves a lot of hassle and very little flexibility, if your life situation changes. When you then top it, with being in a market with the largest car taxation in the world, we need to change the game.


We channeled all the assumptions and curiosity into numerous cycles of MVPs, conducted multiple user tests and iterations, before arriving at a concept, that lets people get around easily, without the hassle of owning or leasing a car.
Before launching the actual proof-of-concept solution, we launched a ‘fake’ web site to capture the potential interest from customers.

It was clear to us that we had found something unique. Subscribe to your new car.

The solution: lets you subscribe to a car, like you subscribe to anything else – on your own terms, to a known price and hassle-free. And when your needs or preferences change, so does your car.

Resultat was launched October 2016 and had very ambitious goals from day one. We have exceeded them.

- Reached Proof-of-Concept after only 6 months.

- Reached Proof-of-Market after only 11 months.

- +1.700 car subscriptions are on the road (December 2017 numbers).

- Customer growth has every month-by-month been two or three digits.

- is today a separate company under Interdan, with 14 employees and the service has been live for only 14 months.

- The service has set new standards in the car industry and direct competitors are starting to pop-up

- Currently market leader in Europe.


Jesper Flach

CEO at

Martin Mancher

Chief Strategy Officer at Interdan

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Mikkel Jespersen

Client Director

Jens Munk

Senior Designer

Dennis Bille Krogh

Senior Frontend Developer

Kasper Brødsgaard

Senior Digital Strategist




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