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After having a "temporary splash page" for three years it was time to reboot our digital presence.

We had three goals for our new site:

1) Fairly represent Molamil

2) Garner attention from potential colleagues and interns

3) Garner attention from potential international clients

One of the hardest things about this type of project is defining your own brand. Stepping out of the box and trying to look at your company from a neutral unspoilt perspective. And once you step inside again, trying to get your co-workers to agree with you on what you saw.

An important insight we found is that we are not just one thing. We are many different things, not truly represented by any one word or image. With that in mind we came up with the idea that every item laying our office would together represent Molamil fairly.


We gathered all the trinkets, tools and random items that lay around our office and photographed them with the aim of creating a pattern that showed the width of our culture and our knowledge.

With a database of well over two hundred different items we built a pattern generator that could create and animate patterns from a wide number of settings.

And then we built a website on top of it. All of the patterns on the website is randomly generated from a few settings every time a user arrives. We spent a lot of energy creating seamless transitions from one section to the other that complemented the pattern style.

Each project got an individual pattern that consisted of products and items used in it.

We've created custom patterns for special occasions like Christmas and one consisting of our Facebook fans profile pictures, that all went live on the website.

Resultat got well over 30.000 visitors within it's two first weeks. It got hundreds of mentions on Twitter and won a host of design awards, including FWA, Awwwards, CSS Design Awards and many more.

Incoming applications has increased tenfold and now come from all over the world.

We've had several potential international clients approach us due to


Jorge Hernandez



Joakim Norman

Creative Director / Designer

Nikolai Stausbøl


Jacob Sørensen

Design intern

Jorge Hernandez


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