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Experimentarium City

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Experimentarium is a technical museum and activity park in Denmark, focused on natural sciences and well being. For their exhibition, called “Pulse”, we were asked to design an activity that encourages families to exercise together.


What could be better incentive than man’s best friend? Meet Pocket Dog, a walking, barking exercising machine.
We created three digital dogs that lived at the museum. Visitors could adopt one or all three of them and bring them home, using the Pocket Dog app. Naturally the Pocket Dogs are eager to take walks as often as they're allowed to. A few incentives was built into the app: As the family takes walks with the mobilhund they earn dog coins that can be used to buy clothing and accessories for your Mobilhund. Your Mobilhund can also claim territories by peeing or pooing on your walk. The family can see other dogs territories and reclaim them for extra points. The most active dogs are shown in the local and national high score list. This way you can interact and create turf wars with other Mobilhund owners and race towards having the pimpest Mobilhund in the neighbourhood.


The pocket dogs and their families has taken 11.600 walks for a total of 16 172 km. That’s almost halfway around the world. Over 22 000 territories has been claimed by peeing and over 7000 by pooing.

"Mobilhund is the result of a close collaboration with Molamil and has resulted in a general delight amongst our visitors. The amount of families taking walks together with our Mobilhund is beyond what we ever expected." – Bent Poulsen, Project Manager at Experimentarium.

Experimentarium City

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