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Meet Q, The Genderless Voice

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Vinder af The Big Idea

Juryen tildelte guld til Copenhagen Pride’s Genderless Voice for at sætte handling bag organisationens queer-politiske holdninger.

Ideen rammer plet i tidsånden med en digital eksekvering der var utænkelig for bare et år siden, rejste hele vejen til FN’s ligestillingspanel og har siden formået at skabe en reel IP med støtte og henvendelser fra flere tech-giganter.


Boot up the options for your digital voice assistant of choice and you’re likely to find two options for the gender you prefer interacting with: male or female.

As third gender options are being recognized across the globe, it feels stagnant that technology is still stuck in the past only providing two binary options.

As non-binary individuals continue to be recognized across the globe, it feels stagnant that technology is still stuck in the past only providing two binary options.


Copenhagen Pride is launching Q - the world’s first genderless voice for AI assistants.
Our hope is to not only challenge the gender bias and stereotypes facing technology today, but offer a potential solution.
Q represents not the voice of one, but the voice of many fighting for a future inclusive of everyone.
Created for a future where we are no longer defined by gender, but rather how we define ourselves. The goal is not only to make technology more inclusive but also use that technology to spark conversation on social issues.
Led by the agency; a team of linguists, technologists, and sound designers began by recording the voices of two dozen people who identify as transgender or nonbinary. After applying academic research to digitally alter the voices, we tested several different versions across 4600 participants. Q is perceived gender neutral by the majority.


“Copenhagen Pride works to challenge the gender binary and combat strong, harmful and often very limiting gender stereotypes that fail to recognize non-binary gender identities. We, alongside Pride movements all over the world, believe that gender is a highly complex spectrum and that people should have the freedom to self-identify and the opportunity to see themselves reflected and recognized both in society and in their everyday life - binary and non-binary alike.

With Q - a neutral voice with no preassigned gender - we got the attention of leading technological companies who work with AI to ensure they are aware that a gender binary normativity excludes many people and to inspire them by showing how easy it would be to recognize that more than two genders exist when developing artificial intelligence devices. This is about giving people choices and options. It is about freedom and inclusion.”

Thomas Rasmussen, Head of Communication, Pride Copenhagen

After the launch of Q a global tech company has agreed to sponsor the creation of Q. The voice is currently undergoing digitization for implementation across all voice-based AI frameworks and will be available in summer 2020 as an open-source file.

Total reach: 6.7 B
Total shares +50.000
Average shares 515
Journalist reach 1,380,571
Companies who reached out to implement Q: +50

General press highlights:
CNN, Fox News, BBC, The Telegraph, NowThis, The Mirror, CNBC, The Guardian, Yahoo News, VICELAND, Bloomberg, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, ABC, NPR, El Pais, Financial Times, GQ, Trendhunter, The Inquirer, Metro, MSN, Japan Today and The Hindu.
Tech press highlights:
Fast Company, Wired, The Future Laboratory, TechCrunch, Techrabyte, and Techtimes

Industry press highlights:
AdAge, Adweek, Campaign Live, It’s Nice That, Design Taxi and Mumbrella.

Copenhagen Pride

Thomas Rasmussen

Head of Communication, Pride Copenhagen

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