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Genesis II

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Guld vinderen har lavet en flot scenesættelse med en flot råd tråd fra tidligere. De har fået lavet grill til en bil. Micrositet er involverende, veleksekveret og teknisk spændende produktpræsentation. Forfriskende indenfor kategorien.


2016 saw the launch of Weber’s biggest grill launch ever. The Genesis II. Something every BBQ fan was dying to get a firsthand look at. But how do you show of a premium product that is usually sold in less than flattering environments. You take the entire experience online and make it as personal and up close, and beautiful as possible.


This pioneering digital showroom is designed throughout as an interactive first person experience, seamlessly combing point of view film with Web GL product demonstrations in an immersive 360 environment.
Your journey starts as the main character at a BBQ. The film leads you through bustling backyards and introduces you to the Grill of your choice.
At this point we switch from film to interactive experience, letting you explore every detail of the state-of the art grill, first hand. As you play with every feature, you discover more and more specs, tech and facts in a deliciously tactile environment. Access to the full functionality of the grills is experienced through a completely integrated, unique and responsive user interface that surrounds each BBQ. The design of the environment comes to life using cutting edge WebGL and real-time physically based rendering, reflecting the HDRI photographic 360 surrounding, resulting in a stunningly lifelike 3D model. As we move closer, the custom developed rendering camera reveals beautiful depth of field and true filmic perspective, presenting The Genesis II in the most stunning light possible.

But the experience doesn’t end there. Each of the four grill environments are loaded with mouth-watering inspiration, complete with video recipes, grilling tips, accessories and in depth tutorials of every technical and mechanical aspect of the grills. The platform is optimized across all devices, letting you test drive the entire range of new Genesis II grills as if you were there, wherever you are.


At the time of entry/submission the site is only in the initial “soft launch phase” and have not received any media support outside of Webers social media channels.

In the first four weeks the site has been live it has received more 5.000 organic daily users from key Weber markets. This traffic comes exclusively through direct and organic sources.

Desktop visitors are averaging more than 4 minutes per visit and mobile users are staying more than 3 minutes per visit. As we enter the second phase of the campaign and the relevancy (due to spring, warmer weather and “opening of the backyard”) increases we are expecting to see a large uptake in traffic and expecting to keep the high engagement metrics.

“The initial engagement on the Genesis II site is shattered our expectations and the metrics that we had put forth as this initial phase of the project. As we officially start to market the new product in mid- March we are expecting this to be the corner stone in introducing our customers to the Genesis II and a central part of purchase funnel.”
Stig Pedersen, VP Global Creative


Stig Pedersen

Global Creative VP

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Global Marketing Manager

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Global Digital Manager

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EMEA Marketing Manager

Uncle Grey

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Chief Strategy Officer

Jimmy Blom

International Creative Director

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Art Director

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Creative Technologist

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Client Service Director


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