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DBA Guide – How we engaged the Danes to empty their attics

Robert/Boisen & Like-minded, Gobsmack Productions


Den Blå Avis / Bay Classifieds Group

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The Danes are believed to have around 20 billion kroner worth of thing things they don’t use in their attics and basements. The eBay-owned brand DBA wanted to change this madness and encourage the Danes to recycle all their stuff and rescue it from decay in the attics.
There was just one problem. Even though DBA was by far the strongest marketplace to buy and sell used goods in Denmark, it was not really a site that inspired people to join the second hand movement.
This was not something that was just solved with a campaign, so to address this we decided to create an entirely new media, The DBA Guide. The DBA Guide was a content site build to engage and inspire consumers to buy and sell more secondhand and ultimately create traffic to the mother site DBA.


To launch the DBA Guide we decided to showcase just how much value there’s stocked around attics. Through dialogue on Facebook we engaged with two of our users Maria and Christian and we valued their entire attics. To demonstrate the stupidity that all this great stuff is just left to decay, we destroyed two precious objects with a value equivalent to their attics.
To engage both men and women the destruction of a Fender Stratocaster guitar and a unique wedding dress designed by celebrity designer Jesper Høvring was dramatized in two films. The films instantly created heated dialogue and engagement in the Facebook group and a lot of press coverage.
To follow-up and create further involvement we launched additional filmed content including a competition, where DBA users could buy Maria and Christians actual stuff and win respectively a guitar and a wedding dress.
We then utilized all the buzz and data to retarget users on Facebook with ongoing data inspired content within home, tech, kids and DIY to motivate people to get started with buying and selling second hand themselves. We coupled the content directly to relevant listings to create traffic to the mother site DBA.
To create credibility and to reach out to new audiences, we engaged with known relevant influencers within our different core content areas such as Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, Elektronista and winners of TV2 hit show Nybyggerne. They created relevant content that was launched through the DBA Guide.


“We were looking for a new way to engage with the Danes and inspire them to recycle all the stuff that is just sitting around. This makes so much sense on many levels and the launch of DBA Guide is just the beginning. We will continue to build on this platform to create engagement and of course to create traffic to our mother-site.”
Mads Arentoft, Head of MarCom & CS, DBA | eBay Classifieds Group

All in all, the establishment of the DBA Guide has been highly successful. With more than 1.400.000 unique views and 55 PR stories the launch campaign got the guide off to a good start. The ongoing work with creating interesting engaging content since the launch in May 2016 with an engagement rate of almost 4% throughout the year. This has resulted in an impressive growth of the site. It has continually grown and is still growing. It now has approximately 200.000 unique visitors every month. Each visit to the site converts to approximately 2 visits to the DBA mother site.

Den Blå Avis / Bay Classifieds Group

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