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A digital transformation and a skyrocketing business




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SPORTMASTER is easily Denmark’s biggest sport-retailer, a position earned over more than 30 years of dedicated work to bring sporty Danes the best service and gear possible. To them, being the biggest means an obligation to constantly improve their customer's experience, both online and in their stores.

SPORTMASTER’s 2017 ambitions were clear: The best webshop in the country and an optimization of their omnichannel strategy, focusing especially on enhancing the mobile device experience.

With the omnichannel optimization, SPORTMASTER wanted to unite their physical and digital stores into one seamless universe, creating a recognizable look, feel, and experience for their customers, no matter where they are. One of the main challenges they faced, was that the webshop was the smallest sales channel in the entire SPORTMASTER organisation. And together, we changed that,.

As their long-term digital strategy partner, we sat down together and devised a devilishly clever plan to bring their digital and physical universe together, as well as making it a much smoother experience on mobile devices. We’re eager to present SPORTMASTER 2.0 and the new SPORTMASTER Instore concept.


Both the SPORTMASTER 2.0 site and the Instore concept are developed as part of their omnichannel strategy, to deliver the same superb customer experiences across any device.

We devised the omnichannel strategy around the customer journey, going through extensive research phases, making sure we covered every step of the way.

With the strategy in place we introduced several new features to their core services, with the Instore concept, and the ‘Click & Collect’ system among the key new features, along with a huge upgrade of their webshop.

The ‘Click and collect’ system and Instore concept were both designed to bring the physical and digital stores together. The Instore concept brought the entire SPORTMASTER product portfolio to the customer, in the form of 42-inch interactive screens, placed in the SPORTMASTER stores for the customers to browse on their own. Customers can easily use the screens to browse products, get product suggestions, and see exactly where the product they’re looking for is in stock.

We created a design that would easily accommodate both platforms and developed these platforms to perform smoothly even during peak periods. We designed the UX to give the users a feeling of tapping into one collected universe, rather than separate, presenting one SPORTMASTER across all platforms seamlessly.

The SPORTMASTER 2.0 is their new ecommerce powerhouse, built on Drupal 7 and in React. The platform is built to handle extreme volumes of traffic, which meant that there was zero downtime during Black Friday, and which has ensured a smooth and stable performing site since its launch. We incorporated React in the solution to give the users that app-feeling - which also enables immediate site response and updates. The site architecture is also designed to enable the editors to quickly create and update content in a perfectly flexible grid.

For the design we created a universe of inspiration with a unique and recognisable style, that was easily adaptable to both the webshop and the Instore screens, and visually reflected the physical stores. All the while, we wanted the site to retain a flawless purchase-flow, that guides the user visually through the entire experience.


Our close strategic partnership with SPORTMASTER, that has taken them through a full omnichannel transition, was key to executing these projects successfully. Working closely with the SPORTMASTER team, we delivered a website and an Instore concept that unfolds SPORTMASTER’s ambition across all digital channels, and unites their digital ambition with their physical stores.

We also introduced significant membership perks, which meant that SPORTMASTER experienced an increase in their membership base of over 1000%. One of those perks being personalisation, making it easier for the customer to find products more suitable for them, based on data on their preferences and purchase history on the site.

The collaborative omnichannel optimization has quickly shown impressive results. The SPORTMASTER webshop went from being the smallest business area to the largest, and since the launch of the new webshop the conversion rate has soared by over 30%.

With SPORTMASTER, we’ve created an experience that outshines anything else on the market, and we’re just getting started.


Aleksander Due-Rasmussen

Ecommerce Manager

Annemette Bruhn

UX Designer

Aleksander Nilsson

Online Store Manager


Rasmus Thuge

Senior Project Manager

Elin Linding Jørgensen

UX & Digital Strategist

Mikkel Jakobsen

Software Architect

Mads Thines

Frontend Developer


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