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A decade ago DONG Energy started on a journey to become a green energy company. By 2017 DONG Energy has become the global leader in offshore wind and the recent divestment in the oil and gas business completed their transformation to a green energy company.

The transformation meant that DONG Energy had become too green for its name. On November 6th 2017 DONG Energy became Ørsted and a new brand identity was launched. And so was a new digital presence that translated the brand identity (created by Kontrapunkt).

The website is the cornerstone in telling Ørsted's new narrative in a bold, optimistic, inventive and shareable way. And it positions Ørsted as the market leader, expressing their vision to lead the global energy transformation.

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A new website strategy was formed supporting all key stakeholder's journeys across touch points with a new editorial approach and leaner structure in mind. The strategy helped fulfil the transformational goal by bringing core content to fewer key pages, and giving the different target audiences a section front page, making it easier for users to access the most engaging and relevant content, while making sure that users are met with the content and functionalities they expect. The new website was designed as a tool to help transform how people perceive and engage with Ørsted.

The site has been built on 5 guiding principles:
— From archive site to brand platform 
— From information to storytelling
— From complexity to simplicity 
— From dead-ends to next steps 
— From inside out to outside in

The new digital design and website was to live up WCAG 2.0 contrast compliancy, thereby ensuring optimal readability for users across all digital platforms. To balance being fully contrast compliant whilst staying true to the new brand identity and colour hierarchy, a set of bulletproof colour themes were designed and thoroughly tested.

All colour combinations were tested for colour, contrast, font and font weight and then combined in WCAG 2.0 valid themes. In total, three themes were categorised as Primary (Prioritising content), secondary (playful diversity) and tertiary themes (facts with flavour).

The colour themes and smooth animations and transitions all bring the user closer to the new brand story. The story about life and opportunities, much more than "energy". It's about life, unleashed - or the potential of how life can be lived when it is powered by nature, and what the limitless use of sustainable energy would allow people and society to achieve.

The new website is co-created with Ørsted in just 9 months, from the first sketches to launch. A core team of User Experience designers, digital designers, front-end developers, copywriters and stakeholders across the organisation collaborated closely in order to create a new cohesive brand platform.

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The new simplified structure of has reduced the number of pages from 2000 to 160 and it has reduced layers, depth and complexity making it easier for people to find content and share on social media. The responsive design has made it easier for the end user to interact and navigate the site whether on desktop, mobile or tablet.

We've removed dead-ends, prioritised content, and created a flexible and dynamic site that is easy for editors to customise and update.

The increased time on site along with the increase in followers and engagement on Ørsted ́s social media channels, demonstrates the narrative is engaging and hitting home with users, helping to further strengthen Ørsted as the market leader within green energy.

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Joanna Griffiths

Digital Content Writer

Maria Blaaberg

Business Consultant

Rakel Juel Nielsen

Lead Business Consultant

Stine Bergh Boehm,

Manager (Design)

Charlotte Hansen

Manager of Corporate Web

Jane Boas Kirkegaard

Head of Digital Communications

Martin Boas Kirkegaard

Web Consultant

Christoffer Gohs Olsen

Web Consultant

Louise Ryberg

Senior Designer, Branding

Hello Great Works/NoA

Louise Ørbjerg

Client Director

Rasmus Elken

Frontend Developer

Bo Fløjborg

Senior Designer

Dani Mancini

UX designer

Pia Leichter

Creative Director


Technology provider for Ørsted´s new web platform and CMS