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The PocketMoney app

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As a parent, what do you do, when you want to give your children pocket money, but you have no cash? More importantly, how do you teach your children about the value of money, in a world where cash is disappearing from everyday life?

We needed to adapt to this increasing reality and compensate for the disappearances of money from daily life. Furthermore, we had to visualize ways for children to understand the relation between, what they spend and what they save and teach them how to create the right balance between the two. Our purpose was to give children a strong and healthy financial foundation and make sense of their money in a future when money will be 100% digital.

For more info: https://launchpad.animaapp.com/pockeymoneydb


Unlike other money apps for children, the PocketMoney app is unique because, children get their very own debit card. No funny money, but real money with an app attached to a debit card. They can use the debit card at ATMs, in shops, and even online if the parents allow it. In the app the children can see when their pocket money is paid, how much is on their account, track their savings, and see what they’ve spent their money on.

In the Mobile Banking app by Danske Bank, parents can then easily transfer money to their children’s pocket money accounts, and set up constraints on daily, weekly and monthly spending. They can also ask to get notifications when their children use their debit cards, and if necessary, block them.

Children now have the autonomy to be able to spend their own pocket money. And more importantly the app teaches children about money, encourage them to discuss money with their parents, and reduce the constant friction of having to ask their parents for pocket money.

For more info: https://launchpad.animaapp.com/pockeymoneydb


Within less than a month of its release in late July 2017, the PocketMoney app reached its yearly targets of downloads. The demand for the PocketMoney solution was so high, that Danske Bank ran out of credit cards, and had to increase the production and order a larger batch than originally forecasted.

Teaching children about money starts with giving them autonomy and control. And children’s financial empowerment starts with managing that money themselves. Because only by learning how to make smart financial decisions can children become truly money-literate human beings.

For more info: https://launchpad.animaapp.com/pockeymoneydb

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