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ROCKWOOL was founded more than a eighty years ago in the Greater Copenhagen area to produce stone wool, enriching modern living for consumers and businesses on a global level.
eCommerce platforms may be old news for many companies, but not for the Building Material industry, which is historically conservative, specifically regarding trade processes. Companies operating in this industry traditionally place their orders through fax or by calling the customer service department. However, B2B customers are increasingly starting to expect the same service agility and omnichannel possibilities that B2C customers enjoy, and which can be experienced through eCommerce platforms. ROCKWOOL therefore saw an opportunity to be the digital frontrunners and make a difference for their customers by introducing ROCKCOMMERCE, one of the best operational eCommerce platform in the Building Material industry.
In recent years, ROCKWOOL has accelerated the implementation of digital Marketing and Sales tools throughout the organisation that would enable a greater process standardisation, with tools such as Marketing Automation, PIM, CRM, EDI, CPQ & Track & Trace. Historically, ROCKWOOL customers placed their orders through the customer service department, who was responsible for the products’ entire journey from quotation to delivery, while ensuring a superior service and experience.
But with the right tools in place and ready to be leveraged, ROCKWOOL designed the roadmap to create ROCKCOMMERCE, which had to fulfil the following three goals:
1) Leverage recently implemented digital marketing and sales tools to benefit ROCKWOOL customers
2) Give customers an eCommerce platform with a B2C look, feel and speed, and which would be mobile-friendly
3) Sustain the same superior quality service that customer have come to expect from ROCKWOOL.

ROCKWOOL worked with two external partners to bring ROCKCOMMERCE to life:
KPMG in Denmark conducted interviews with customers to gather valuable qualitative data and identified the three key e-commerce feature areas to prioritise, namely:

1) Improve Customer Loyalty
2) Improve Sales
3) Customer Service capacity increase (cost saving)

VERTIC was appointed with the task of designing ROCKCOMMERCE with these three goals:
1) Align ROCKCOMMERCE’s corporate website design language with ROCKWOOL’s
2) Translate feature requirements into ascetic elements that would neither slow performance nor confuse the customer in regards to the purpose of a certain component.
3) Design the platform to convey a best-in-class look, feel and speed.


Prior to the Danish implementation, ROCKWOOL chose the French market as a pilot to build and implement ROCKCOMMERCE using an agile development framework. It took four months and six sprints to create an available User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment. The production version was available the following month.
KPMG facilitated the collaboration between ROCKWOOL’s major and most relevant subsidiaries, addressing all relevant business processes while integrating them into key applications such as ERP, PIM, CRM, CPQ and T&T.
The development team focused on mapping out the French subsidiary’s relevant business process needs and associated features in order to future proof ROCKCOMMERCE.
64 features were identified by customers and further enhanced by ROCKWOOL workshop participants, KPMG and Vertic, with the main ones being:
- Unlocking the possibility to buy associated ROCKWOOL brands on the platform (ROCKFON, ROCKPANEL), as these are usually dealt with in separate sales channels.
- Allowing cross-branch purchasing (ERP customer hierarchy).
- Enabling the quote request functionality (CPQ integration). Currently, most project sales are based on the project’s specific pricing, which requires a formal quote to be submitted and approved via ROCKWOOL’s internal CPQ system.
- Searching products based on a ‘master’ product, where one product is displayed with selection panes instead of 20 similar products.
- Displaying the order history, irrespective of how orders were previously placed (integrated into SAP ERP)
- Allowing customer to modify all orders, regardless of how they were placed.
- Integrating the Track & Trace functionality.

For these features to become operational, ROCKWOOL’s digital integration team worked with KPMG to implement both the best-practice processes through ROCKWOOL’s integration platform, Informatica, and the real-time services and API’s to the CRM, Track & Trace, ERP and PIM solutions. To add to the complexity of this project, all the features were made from scratch. In the final stages of the development process, a customer panel was created to test the platform and ensure met the specific customer procurement process’ expectations and needs.
As a result, ROCKCOMMERCE now offers a real-time self-service platform where customers have access to invoices, customer specific pricing, contracts, credit-limit, claims and complaints, order history and track & trace information. In addition, a live chat function was introduced, which further limits the manual engagement demanded by ROCKWOOL’s customer service team.


Customers have embraced ROCKCOMMERCE as a self-service platform that allows them to engage with ROCKWOOL at any given time during the Sales and Customer Service journey. Without tying the customer to a specific user journey, ROCKCOMMERCE gives the customer the freedom to navigate all the information they need, place orders, locate logistic information, request project-specific quotes, all in one place – allowing for a true omnichannel experience.
Being a frontrunner within the industry, ROCKWOOL is starting to see a conversion into Digital Sales from the more traditional sales channels. With the introduction of ROCKCOMMERCE to the pilot market in France, 25% of the total country revenue is now comes from ROCKCOMMERCE.
ROCKCOMMERCE has now also been rolled out by ROCKWOOL’s newly established DevOps team in five new markets: Germany (with KPMG’s support), Spain, the UK, North America and Italy.
Ultimately, numbers speak for themselves. These are ROCKCOMMERCE’s initial results:

 The NPS score has increased by 35% since the adoption of the new digital strategy.
 ROCKCOMMERCE has secured 15% of the total revenue in deployed markets.
 The NPS score has increased by 35% since the adoption of the new digital strategy.
 The number of calls and emails from customers onboarded to ROCKCOMMERCE has decreased by 15%
 The digital orders are handled on average twice as fast compared to traditional orders.
 The number of ordering errors has decreased by 10%

Furthermore, customers have also highlighted the possibility to modify orders and request project quotes directly on the platform to be far superior compared to ROCKWOOL’s competitors’ eCommerce platforms. By hiring the first ever eCommerce Manager in ROCKWOOL, the focus will now shift towards expanding the service offering in close dialogue with customers to ensure that ROCKWOOL’s Digital Sales strategy complements the procurement process.
The new ROCKCOMMERCE platform has revolutionized the way business is being done in the building material industry and has required a change in habits among customers, which has happened very smoothly. All while keeping the world warmer and the customers even more loyal.

ROCKWOOL International A/S

Daniel Christian Tholander

Product Owner, Director Digital Sales

Carina Frederiksen

Senior IT Project Manager

Metin Emecen

Enterprise Architect / Lead Architect

Antoni Roszak

Digital DevOps team lead

Piotr Strzelecki

Digital lead developer

Marek Samura

Backend Project Manager

Wojciech Paprocki

Section Manager of Web Development

Daniel Novak

Tech lead

KPMG / Vertic

Morten Kamp Jørgensen

Vertic - SVP, Digital Brand Strategy, Account Management & CX

Rasmus Rønnebæk

Vertic - VP, Head of PM

Catrine Jermiin

Vertic - Senior Project Manager

Ada Chan

Vertic - Engagement Director (no longer with Vertic)

Fiona Baudner

Vertic - User Experience Designer (no longer with Vertic)

Tawonabvinandi Chimimba

Vertic - User Experience Designer (No longer with Vertic)

Stacey Wu Eggimann

Vertic - Director, User Experience (No longer with Vertic)

Jonas Kochen

Vertic - CCO & Partner

Bertil Abildgaard

Vertic - Digital Designer (No longer with Vertic)

Michaela Hampachelová

Vertic - Junior Digital Designer (No longer with Vertic)

Danny Golan

KPMG - Overordnet ansvarlig

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Kasper Hansen

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