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Passendo ApS was founded in 2016 by a proven and experienced team, setting out to develop a scalable business-concept and tech platform that has the potential to revolutionize e-mail marketing. Through great technology, our vision is to empower the commercial use of email.

• By using the email as the unique ID instead of the cookie, we solved what normal ad serving could not in the email environment.

• As an SSP, we work both sides of the table: Publishers and advertisers.

• For publishers we provide email ad serving technology, and be a strong partner helping them commercialize.

• For advertisers we represent the strongest possible collection of email publishers, enabling targeting, optimization and data play across.

• Our revenue today is based on a revenue share of all ads running through the platform and a technology fee.


• Take email as a medium through the same journey as display advertising has been on for the last 10 years
• Create a strong programmatic network based on the most well known and serious email publishers in Europe
• Build a brand new technology stack from scratch to support this strategi
• Use Denmark as a test market


• We started with no technology and zero clients in 2016
• In 2017 we onboarded +100 editorial premium newsletters
• Today we have “all*” the big media groups in Denmark under contract, and are working with “all*” the agencies
• We are racing into Europe, and are signing with the 5 top publishers in Germany in Q1 2018
• We are opening office with a local team in Dubai in Q1 2018, covering the MEA region
• We expect to have 45+ “Berlingske Sized” publishers on board in 2019
• In 2019 that will be +1 billion monthly email ad impressions



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