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Danske Spil / Keno

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Keno is the Danish lottery with the highest chance of winning a million. But it is little known, and Keno has a much lower budget for advertising than comparable brands. The job was to make Keno more known – especially in the target group adult men – and of course to sell more lottery tickets.

We found, that most often, people don’t live out their lottery dreams when they win. Especially men. This is the antithesis of what nearly every lottery ad ever made tells us. But why don’t they? Well, we suggested an answer, and it sparked thousands and thousands of conversations


To find out why men rarely live out their lottery dreams when they win, we conduct an experiment. On the player’s wives. We connect them to a polygraph and ask, if the men are free to live out their lottery dreams if they win. The men observe from behind a one-way mirror …
To save the threatened lottery dreams, Keno then introduces a “pre-lottery agreement” for prize money; not yet won.

The agreement can be signed and shared online, and the story is taken up by papers, bloggers and on social media. A retargeting banner campaign reminds interested players to go visit the campaign site and buy lottery tickets.

We shattered men’s lottery dreams. We turned lottery advertising upside down and started a conversation about what you don’t do, when you win a million. This proves to be the spark needed to make people discus a lottery – and make Denmark’s biggest chance of winning a million relevant for debate and sharing on social media.

For decades Danish lottery advertising has been expensive films about expensive dreams pushed on expensive media. Keno broke the category. Both conceptually and regarding use of media. We turned the category upside down by starting a realistic conversation about what people actually do, when they win. This was a game-changer for the category. Many lotteries have tried to make people share their lottery dreams online (with little success), but Keno made lottery advertising social.

Facebook was the centre of the campaign and was backed up by a microsite, tv-spots, instore materials, banners and tactical retargeting banners.


More than 1 in 4 Danes saw the film online, and the idea travelled on social media and sparked thousands of conversations about how to use or let your spouse use possible winnings. It generated an impressive amount of press, and the concept of the spouse interrogation became a recurrent show on national radio. And as for sales; Keno sold more online lottery tickets than ever before.

Danske Spil / Keno

Steffen Lundgren Kristensen


Maja Fogt Jørgensen


&Co. / NoA

Rune Petersen

Art Director

Johan Køhler


Peter Harton



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