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En sublim øvelse i eksekvering på flere facetter og i mange tempi – og med et ufatteligt højt eksekveringsniveau. Onde tunger vil sige ”nemt nok”, når nu man har så store fanskarer at trække på. Men i virkeligheden stiller det endog højere krav til præcisionen af leveringen.

Juryen var ikke i tvivl. Lego og Advance belønnes med guld for en fantastisk magtdemonstration i DDA’s største kategori.


In 2019, Advance was asked a question.

- It is possible to engage and attract new consumers to the LEGO brand, simply by harnessing their passion for a television show?

We realised that the only way to do this was to take everything we thought we knew about marketing, and flip it… upside down.

Our objective was to build as much hype as possible for the release of the new Stranger Things LEGO set, in a way that did justice not only to a spectacular new LEGO model, but also to a treasured television show, with one of the most devoted fanbases in history.

Simply put, for our campaign to be successful, it needed to be relevant to this group of fans.


Our campaign took place over two phases – pre-launch and post-launch}—that seamlessly connected the product with the hunger for mystery that characterizes fans of LEGO and Stranger Things.

Pre-Launch was all about high intrigue. We knew the best way to engage and resonate with our audience was to challenge them and appeal to their inner geek.

LEGO posted a “Never-seen-before” footage of an old 1980s advert for a “new” LEGO toy that looked suspiciously like a prominent Stranger Things vehicle…

We mentioned Stranger Things a grand total of zero times. A risk that paid off.
Eagle-eyed hardcore fans immediately realised that the advert wasn’t what it first seemed.

In the time after launching the teaser, a thread of 6 short teasers were posted by Netflix and LEGO to create more hype, where more fans became aware and engaged in what was going to happen...

In the post-launch of our campaign, we concentrated on informing fans about the product. How could we detail all of the numerous features of this particularly complex model in a comprehensive, yet engaging way?

We produced an 80s style Homeshop video and the talk show “Behind the Brick”. Here, we invited one of the actual designers of the LEGO model to travel back with us to the 1980s, to demonstrate the very features he created. The intention was to create a show that would have been avidly watched by the boys in Stranger Things (as well as, of course, the real-life, modern-day fans of the show).

Finally, we introduced the audience to their favourite Stranger Things Characters as LEGO minifigures, showing them interacting with the new set in the process.


Over 18 million people were reached through Facebook – 89% of them were reached organically. On this platform, our videos received:
- 174k responses

The campaign videos had more the 7 million views across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In total, our campaign posts has more that 1 million engagements - and a third of them driven by shares!

Our 6 Instagram posts, reached over 5 million people, with 10% engagement.

The average engagement rate across all our posts on Facebook and Instagram was 6,4%

Although we were obviously delighted with these figures, what was far more exciting was how the campaign succeeded in capturing the public imagination.

Each post was met with a wave of excitement among the show’s fans—spanning casual viewers to the hardcore geeks.

The hype was enough to convince Netflix to tweet one of our teasers, much to the delight of the show’s followers.

This was also reflected in the reaction elsewhere online, where the news of the set was celebrated in niche forums.


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Global Communication Partner

Pelle Bjørn Nielsen

Communication Strategist

Anders Hellegaard Iversen

Sr. Marketing Manager


Jon Thomsen


Jeppe Fonnesbæk

Account Director

Kim Flügel

Art Director

Chris Calvert


Patrick Bendix



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