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Remote Mixed Reality Support

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Vinder af Innovation

GULD - Grundfos har med et mix af teknologier løst et serviceproblem, der resulterer i en markant effektivisering. De forkorter afstanden til deres eksperter og giver dermed slutkunden en bedre og hurtigere løsning.
Det er en stærk case, som vi belønner med guld.


Installation service and maintenance has always been expensive and time consuming for Grundfos, because an expert is required to travel to the customer’s location to diagnose and maintain the system on-site. Therefore, to maximize customer value and solve these issues, Grundfos initiated a project in cooperation with Unity Studios to develop a solution for remote support by applying AI, IoT and Mixed Reality technology.


The Grundfos Remote Mixed Reality Support solution is powered by a combination of Mixed Reality, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.
Hands-free access to real-time data
The Mixed Reality technology is used to present the information at the right time and place to an on-site technician through HoloLens. Real-time data is constantly gathered from the different systems and installations and stored in the Microsoft IoT Hub. Then HoloLens retrieves the data showing it in real time to the user in holographic data dashboards, as well as a time series data of historic data.
In addition, datasheets, service manuals, instructional videos, and animated 3D models can be shown to the on-site technician to assist in routine checks and troubleshooting.
Artificial Intelligence
AI is used to assist the on-site service technician in troubleshooting. Service technicians can communicate with an AI chatbot and through the LUIS Natural Language Processing. The system will recognize the intent of the question and provide the employee with an answer that matches the question asked.
Using an AI solution, the on-site technician can find the correct information without spending valuable time searching for the information manually.
Remote expert support
Using Microsoft HoloLens, the on-site service technician can receive remote support from an expert located anywhere in the world. The remote expert has an “in-person” view of the on-site technician guiding them to solve the task at hand while communicating using VoIP technology.
The remote expert can also choose to follow the on-site technician in a top-down view as the tech walks around in a 3D scan of the location generated by Microsoft HoloLens. The expert can use directional beacons to guide the on-site technician to the correct installation location.


"The solution can be used as an everyday tool for routine checks, as applicable due to its handsfree nature and as it presents an easy overview of installation status. The user receives potential warnings, ensuring actions can be taken in a timely manner.
The remote expert feature ensures that expert help is always available for the on-site technician.
Some of the benefits to Grundfos customers are: Fast access to expert knowledge, A reliable solution, Minimal downtime & Speed to resolution
When an expert must travel to be on-site, it can take several days. The remote service application eliminates this travel time, as the knowledge can be accessed right away, reducing downtime significantly for the customer.
Customers are offered a reliable solution that will reduce the time to resolution greatly, which can lead to peace of mind for the stakeholders involved." Christian Carlsson, Grundfos.
The product have just launched here in February 2019 for the first customers. Not enough data is available.


Christian Carlsson

Concept Accelerator at Grundfos Big Data, AI & IoT Lab

Thomas Asger Hansen

Head of Grundfos Big Data, AI & IoT Lab

Unity Studios

Mads Troelsgaard

CEO & Partner

Sune Wolff

CTO & Partner


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