2. JUNI 2022

Aio – You. At your best.




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Hello. You’re more likely than ever to be unhappy.

According to WHO more than
430.000 Danes experience symptoms of serious stress every day.

Chances are you need help. And when you go online to search for it, there’s a ton of noisemakers promising you zen in a heartbeat. But the truth? There simply is no such thing as a quick fix.

But what should you do?

Well, the best thing to do is talk to someone. A personal coach, a therapist or a nutritionist. Whatever your problem is, interaction-based treatment over a duration of time yields the best results.

So when we were approached by a start-up of therapists with a combined work experience of 150+ years wanting to come up with solution that would work for everyone, the ambition quickly became to channel the effectiveness and calm of professional dialogue into an app experience.


We put a personal coach in your pocket.

Aio is a therapist, personal trainer and nutritionist. All in one. Always available. Helping you to breathe, eat, rest, drink, move and mind better. Based on your needs. Continually adapting to your progress.

Through a unique dialogue flow between you and the app, Aio intelligently responds to your everyday input.

Free from judgement. Free from gamification. Just you. Improving.
One day at a time.

This holistic approach - focusing on not just one but all 6 key areas of mind and body - is the key differentiator, setting Aio apart from every other health/well-being app on the market.

With a team of professional therapists, nutritionists and personal coaches, we envisioned, designed, tone-of-voiced, coded, ux’ed and cx’ed - the works.


The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Aio soared into the App Store reaching number 6 in the biggest category - health. Without any marketing budget at all.

Consulting giant Deloitte went all in and made the app available for every employee to better the general health of their employees.

Aio currently has an amazing conversion rate of 76 % from first open to sign up which is 112 % better than the category average.


Regin Jensen

Founder & CEO

Michell Alexander Louis Kowal

Founder & Director

Anncatrine Luisa Petersen

Chief Product Officer

Frederik Junker Boesen

Director of events

Sofie Nishida

Content manager

Jon Mathiasson

Content manager

Frederik Søgaard Nielsen

Social Media manager

Rikke Clausen



Steffen Blauenfeldt Otkjær

Managing Director

Nicolai Villads Løser Smith

Executive Creative Director

Louise Birk Arnbjerg

Creative Delivery Director

Peter Kargo Bruun

Technical Director

Frederik Schumann

Senior Art Director

Mikkel Kolbak

Senior UX Architect

Kenn Masseson

Business Strategist

Lasse Matthiesen Rørdam

Senior Copywriter

Eduardo Verillo

Senior Developer

David Christensen

Solution Architect and Senior Developer

Jimmi Nielsen

Senior Frontend Developer

Bjarni Olsen

Frontend Developer

Allan Jasa

Frontend developer

Henrik Deijer-Pedersen

Associate Art Director


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