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A stunning new digital presence for Betty Nansen Teatret



Betty Nansen Teatret

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Vinder af Digital Design

Ekspressivt og farverigt ligesom scenekunsten selv. Fint implementeret i kode og gode detaljer i animation og interaktion.Intiutiv UX som skaber et godt flow. Kaotisk og inspirerende på en styret måde.


Betty Nansen Teatret is an independent theatre – named after the famous Danish actress – that has been on the forefront of avant garde theatre since 1869 and is synonymous with innovative theatrical art of high professional quality. Betty Nansen Teatret’s mission is to keep the contemporary art and theatre scene alive, and push the boundaries of the performing arts through reinterpretations of classic works as well as innovative and experimental performances and formats. The repertoire is broad and it always addresses current cultural topics and issues by strengthening the relationships between people, attitudes and backgrounds.

We were approached by Betty Nansen Teatret with the request for a new digital experience and identity that would satisfy the following needs:

Craft a unique digital identity and style that builds and communicates the brand Betty Nansen and its values.
Inspire potential guests with storytelling about the plays that entice them to purchase tickets.
Increase user engagement, community, and loyalty by educating the users and taking them ‘behind the curtain’


After talking to avid Betty Nansen enthusiasts and potential target audiences to understand the drivers and barriers in the customer journey, we found that the offline and online presentation of the plays played a big part when it comes to attracting potential visitors. We needed to tease and reveal just enough of the plays to tempt people to purchase tickets for the full experience. As Betty Nansen’s plays all have different individual visual styles, we had to come up with a platform that was able to display all these different expressions.

We created a design system that allows the theatre to use unique graphics and logos, as well as adjusted colour themes. This resulted in a website that, just like the physical stage, can be filled with different visual universes for the different plays. That way, each play is brought to life in the digital world. Now, audiences can dive into all the behind-the-scenes details and information about the play – or simply purchase tickets.

Since we also found that going to the theatre is all about sharing and talking about the theatre experience, we created an area on the new website for the community called ‘Our Betty’. Here, members of the Betty Nansen Teatret get a look ‘behind the curtain’, invitations to special events, limited edition play posters, and much more.

Finally, we digitised the behind-the-scenes ‘Our Betty’ magazine, creating unique landing pages with inspiring and interactive articles for the users to explore.


The impact of the new digital experience and identity was visible immediately: two weeks after the website went live, the conversion rate of the Betty membership (‘Vores Betty’) had already increased by an astounding 500%.

Now, that’s worth a standing ovation!

Betty Nansen Teatret

Marie Lundgaar

Head of Communications


Camilla Clausen

Frontend Designer

Christian Smedegaard

Design Lead

Jonas Therkildsen


Mette Edslev

UX Designer

Rado Veselý

Digital Designer


Backend Development
Freelancer, Lone Palmus
Freelance (Frontend Development)


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