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10 Steps to becoming a carbon neutral business



LM Wind Power

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GULD - Her er et fantastisk godt eksempel på at sætte handling bag ordene. Nemlig en case, som ikke kun vil noget godt for sig selv, men er fuldt transparent om at give viden og information videre til alle.
LM Wind Power tager en af de vigtigste klimaudfordringer op og sætter sig selv det svære mål at blive CO2-neutral - et mål som lykkes på kort tid. Derefter inspirerer de andre til at gøre det samme ved at dele deres viden med andre. Det vil vi gerne belønne med guld!


Strategy /Background

In the first seven months of 2018, humans consumed a full year’s worth of natural resources. That’s nearly twice as fast as our planet can regenerate them (Source: Earth Overshoot Day).

Politicians are struggling to put their words into action and effectively tackle the climate challenge by living up to UN goals and international obligations like the Paris Agreement.

The climate challenge is growing every day and requires a global decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. That is why LM Wind Power decided to take action. As a wind turbine blade manufacturer, they felt a special responsibility to walk the talk when it comes to addressing the future of the planet.

They pledged to become the first carbon neutral business in the industry. It was a very ambitious goal, but by July 2018, they reached it! LM Wind Power went from a 240,000-ton CO2 footprint in 2017 to a net zero footprint in 2018 — even avoiding red numbers in the process.

However, it was a difficult journey to reach zero. There was very limited guidance on how to set up a carbon neutrality program, and no easy answers to be found anywhere. This scattered landscape of information also lacked an engaging storyline that could be leveraged as a guiding star to help inspire businesses seeking to neutralize their carbon footprint.

Recognizing this challenge, LM Wind Power decided to make it easier for other companies to start their own green transition.

By sharing what they learned from their own journey, they could enable decision-makers from other companies — who had the desire to take the same leap but lacked the necessary know-how — to get started. Sustainability should not be solely an expense or a fluffy communications approach; it should be a way to differentiate your brand, save money for your business and inspire positive action.




Welcome to ‘10 Steps to Becoming a Carbon Neutral Business’: a digital storytelling platform that bridges the strategy-to-execution gap by inspiring and enabling business leaders and decision-makers—who have the desire to take action but lack the information, overview and guidance—to start their green transition.

With this platform, we’ve helped LM Wind Power set new standards, use their knowledge, and amplify their position as thought leaders within sustainability.

The site invites users on an engaging 10-step journey, providing the information necessary to complete each step towards carbon neutrality.

The digital experience starts with a compelling message emphasizing the urgency of climate action, and then leads users to an overview of the steps ahead, framing the considerations and preparations needed to take on the pledge.

The 10 chapters of the story consist of easily digestible content like advice, things to consider, explanation cards, tips, quotes and more. This aims to simplify the complexity of going carbon neutral and guide users through the experience, one step at a time.

Furthermore, we went beyond the ‘10 Steps’ and supported carbon neutrality initiatives through strategic consulting, design sprints, online tools, sustainability reports and a corporate website.

The ‘10 Steps’ universe is created to be scalable and is already being rolled out in future campaigns and initiatives.



The initiatives have radically changed LM Wind Power’s position in climate leadership and have proved the true business value of a focused approach to sustainability.

By demonstrating the long-term business potential of renewable energy, we’re contributing to the growth of the wind power industry and are helping accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels.

Furthermore, our digital partnership has resulted in increased brand awareness, positioning LM Wind Power as a thought leader on sustainability. But most importantly, it has inspired other businesses to act and take the Carbon Neutrality Pledge now and in the future.

• A 240,000 ton CO2 footprint in 2017 to a net zero footprint in 2018
• $3 million yearly savings on their energy bill to further sustainability initiatives
• Searches for LM Wind Power have risen by 47%
• Website traffic has increased by 30%
• A plethora of feedback from business leaders wanting to follow LM Wind Power’s example and take action
• Strategic partnership with CSR Europe to spread the message across the continent
• Keynote opportunities and invitations to attend leading global sustainability events and conferences
• The sustainability team have become sought-after experts on driving carbon neutrality initiatives that are cost-neutral for the business


“Pentia is our long-term strategic digital partner, always challenging us and helping us turn our ideas into compelling online content. Bringing something as ambitious and visionary as our ‘10 Steps’ site online required that we worked with a trusted partner whom we could count on for strategic advice, beautiful designs and technical competences. We are hugely excited about the result which we are confident will help us meet and amplify our communications objectives and ultimately contribute to a cleaner world.”

Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, Carbon Neutral Program Leader, LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power

Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen

Carbon Neutral Program Leader


Per A. Knudsen

Senior Digital Strategist

Tobias Andreasen

Brand Manager

Sofie Engell

Digital Art Director

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Corporate Communication

Christian Ruud


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Direktør, Pentia Aarhus

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Head of strategy and experience

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Senior front end developer

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User experience architect

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Front end consultant

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Project manager

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