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The Indoor Generation – Let Nature Back in

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For VELUX, roof top windows have always been about more than the window. The purpose for this 75-year old company is to help create healthy indoor environments with daylight and fresh air. VE for Ventilation and LUX for daylight.

People in general, however, look at roof top windows as a building material – like e.g. insulation. Therefore, the long-term goal of The Indoor Generation platform is to move VELUX into the home improvement category alongside new competitors like kitchen manufacturers and painting.

With this campaign, we want to build upon the awareness created with the call for change introduced with The Indoor Generation platform in 2018 - and focus on creating desire for daylight and fresh air to inspire people to act.

In order words: Take the first steps towards establishing VELUX in the home improvement category by creating awareness about the importance of daylight from above and fresh air for wellbeing in the context of the home.


Instead of speaking about the functional product, we wanted to create an emotional link to VELUX.

From research we know, that people experience a longing for nature. In some countries, doctors even prescribe “nature” to patients. We wanted to connect this longing for nature to VELUX’ purpose to create healthy living environments by

Showing kids living the way our generation lives is more involving than watching grown-ups. Therefore: In our hero film there are no grown-ups. Just children. Because the future is theirs - they are going to live with our bad choices, if we don’t change our lifestyle. The film also reminds us adults of our own childhood: Sun, green lawns, fresh air, playgrounds and outdoor activity.

We wanted people to experience on an emotional level, the deep bond we humans have with nature – and how we as The Indoor Generation have lost this bond. And we wanted to show, how VELUX can help us re-create the bond with nature, if we pay attention to how we design our homes.

Three design principles for living outside-in were created and introduced on the campaign site: Design with daylight. Design with a view to the outside. Design with natural ventilation.

By inspiring people to improve their home environment, our mission was to give The Indoor Generation a brighter future.

The integrated campaign was spearheaded by an emotional online film, depicting our longing for nature in modern society. To support this, a global survey with +16,800 respondents in 15 countries focusing on nature deficiency became a trustworthy source of facts and figures in the first push of the supporting PR-campaign.

Furthermore, we created engaging online content for the main campaign site www.letnaturebackin.com. The comprehensive content was co-developed with some of the world’s leading interior designers and influencers, architects, and researchers, inspiring people on how to use natural daylight, plants, natural materials and design techniques to let nature back into their lives and homes.

The site was continuously updated with new articles and accessible how-to-guides and was supported by a second, global PR push targeting selected journalists within home improvement and design.


This global campaign succeeded in increasing desire and consideration for daylight and fresh air in residential housing projects.

With a purpose to save The Indoor Generation, we wanted to inspire people to “Let Nature Back In” and help them overcome the problems with bad indoor environments.

Lisbeth Meng Collignon, Senior Director, Marketing Excellence, VELUX says:

- Vi er stolte af version 2 af vores ”Indoor Generation”-kampagne. Denne gang er vores ønske at inspirere og uddanne forbrugerne i, hvordan de kan genetablere deres relation til naturen. Det har været bestemt fra starten, at kampagnen skulle rumme flere kapitler. I det første kapitel gjorde vi mest opmærksom på, at vi var blevet en ”Indoor Generation”, da vi tilbringer op mod 90 procent af vores tid inden døre. Denne gang fokuserer vi mere på de mange fordele ved at indrette sig med dagslys og siger mere direkte, at når man køber et VELUX-vindue, så inviterer man naturen inden for i hjemmet.

The hero film with staggering +156 million views, was backed by a comprehensive campaign site with engaging articles and influencer partnerships offering tips and inspiration.

The campaign generated +2.100 PR stories with 243.000 shares and 428 million impressions. Result: Importance of daylight in home renovation projects increased from 20% to 37% in key markets.

Results include:

• +156 million views of film

• The film was well perceived with very positive liking across markets: 74%-79%
1Question: “Overall, how do you rate this commercial?” (from ‘very bad’ to ‘very good’)
Base: Has recall

• The film moved daylight up on the renovation consideration list:
UK: From 20% to 37%
Germany: From 32% to 39%
France: From 24% to 36%
2Question: “Are you considering renovating your home to improve any of the following features in your home?”

• The film had a positive effect on people’s desire for windows:
UK: From 31% to 40%
Germany: From 22% to 35%
4Question: “To which extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements: I would like to have more roof windows in my home”
2Total versus recall

• +2,100 published PR articles worldwide with 243.000 share and 428 million impressions

• +1,6 million visits to global campaign site www.letnaturebackin.com
• 26% on site engagement rate
• Over 25% of visitors who interacted with articles came back to re-read or read more
• Overall, the campaign engagement rate was 39%
• Over 100.000 customers visited the local marketing sites as a result of the campaign


Lisbeth Meng Collignon

Senior Director, Marketing Excellence

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